What makes handmade jewelry special?
Reasons to buy handmade jewelry:

  • Jewelry, like your clothing choices, is a reflection of you and your personality. Your jewelry is a conversation piece and should reflect you.
  • It is a piece of art and because of that, it may be an original or limited edition. Art is in the eye of the eye of the beholder and your selection of art reflects your personality as well.
  • When you buy artisan jewelry, you are usually purchasing directly from the designer and knocking out the usual markup that comes with stores.
  • The pride and workmanship is better and the quality of the piece is higher. Designers take pride in their work and want every piece to function and last a long time.
  • It makes a wonderful gift because it’s usually not seen before. Often times, a one of a kind piece of jewelry is original and a powerful gift.
  • Purchasing from a designer puts money back in to the local economy instead of the big box stores that ship the money to other states.
  • Handmade jewelry puts money into the job market locally and supports the locals with jobs.
  • The pieces are environmentally friendly by using local elements and materials.
  • It is often easier to find unusual creations when it’s handmade. It is not uncommon to get customization as well.
  • Handmade jewelry is not made by children in a third world country or sweat shop and provides the knowledge that it was made with time and attention to detail.

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