DK Designz uses fine, or precious, metals to complete their designs. You will find that their jewelry lasts a long time, when properly cared for, and has the highest brilliance. But what makes the metals precious?
Precious metals are more valuable. They include silver, gold and platinum. They are less reactive with most other elements and have a higher luster. Gold a formal method of payment and important in the manufacture of jewelry during 336BC. Gold became popular as a jewelry staple during the 15th century and continues to be popular today.
Silver has been popular in jewelry nearly as long as gold. It is permitted to be worn by the Islamic men and it appears often in Greek mythology. Because it’s soft without additional elements, it is mixed with copper to make it better for jewelry.
Platinum is most rare of the three and considered more precious than gold. It was first used by ancient Egyptians and identified for popularity by the 18th century. It is also mixed with other metals to strengthen it but must be at least 95% platinum to qualify as platinum.
DK Designz also uses copper for its color and rarity. It has a golden-red appearance and can oxidize over time. It is the oldest known metal and associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. It is known for its healing properties.
Some common metal terms:

  • Adamantine – the reflection on the metal
  • Carat – the amount of pure gold in the piece
  • Corrosion – the deterioration of the metal due to environmental reactions
  • Goldsmith – one who works with precious metals
  • Luster – the refraction and appearance of the metal in light

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