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DK Designz was founded for one simple reason; to offer jewelry that everyone could afford. It isn't enough to offer jewelry in today's age. What's more important is that the quality be high and the price be low. Why pay for 5-10 people to mass produce items that can be seen on everyone? DK Designz is about offering you an exceptional product, made by our own family, that can't be found in department stores and mass markets. Our jewelry is beautiful and original. We use quality materials including genuine gold, rose gold and sterling silver as well as Swarovski Crystals and solid copper. You are going to love your DK Design for years to come!

I love my DK Designz jewelry!

Lilly Melgar
The Bay, General Hospital

Beautiful earrings in this wonderful packaging!

Christy Gibel
Little Women: LA

The hearts are my favorite!

Ava Bianchi
Actress, Film Star

...visiting the DK Designz studio

John Hite
Producer, Song Writer, Singer, Band Countryfied

About Us

Donnika Kerina

Owner, Designer

Once upon a time, I was a single momma with a newborn son. My husband had been in the military and life changed for us all, leaving me single. Trying to make ends meet, I embarked on opening my own little event planning business. It wasn’t long before business was starting to take off. We were getting by until one summer night when all was lost. We had an electrical fire in my little shop. I lost everything. The insurance only paid to repair the building; a technicality that I didn’t know I should have fixed. With all the inventory gone, the dream was lost.I vowed not to be knocked down. With infant in tow, I went back to school at night and worked during the day. Once I had my college certificate, I got hired at a local business and began trying to save again. But with a small child and little to live on, saving was next to impossible. Having nice clothes or jewelry was out of the question. Even a pair of earrings was far fetched. My son was so sensitive to mommy being sad. He asked me how he could help and offered his tiny 4 year old advice: “Let’s make you your own ‘jewee’ momma.” He found some small parts in his box of toys and some misc things from our tool box. Before long, we had created a pair of earrings to wear and proudly, I did. People actually gravitated to them and began asking for their own pair. A few dollars here and a few dollars there; we had begun to save in our humble piggy bank. We had so much fun, making little earrings and necklaces. It was a real connection between my little boy and I.So here we are, years later, and not only have my son and I continued to make jewelry, we created our little business, DK Designz. With a new love and my son growing up, I finally felt encouraged to rise from the ashes and try again. This time, a better, more knowledgeable business owner was born. What I really want people to know is that I had a hope to fit in and make ends meet for my family. With DK Designz, I want to create affordable, original jewelry that people love owning, feel beautiful wearing and know that it was created from hope and dreams, not mass produced by people who don’t share this love attention to detail. To all of my fans and followers, It IS possible to rise from the ashes. There IS hope and possibility. My designs come from true inspirations and each piece means something to me, as I hope it will to you.I hope that you will see a little inspiration in these designs and feel inspired yourself, to never give up, don’t let circumstances put a stop to your dream. 


Our flagship boutique is where you'll find the newest designs and inquire with the artist and family.

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